Tile Is Versatile And Durable

Laying tile properly is both a skill and an art.  Here at Topcoat, we enjoy and take pride in every tile job because we get to collaborate with our customers in the creation of a unique, long-lasting, artistic home improvement.  We share our customer’s sense of satisfaction and pride at the end of every project.

Nothing really compares to tile in the long-run.  There are so many colors, styles and potential combinations, that we are certain to find the perfect match for what speaks out as a statement about you.  Sure, some people go with cheaper materials to cut costs, but over the years, they end-up replacing shoddy materials again and again.  The discriminating customer who chooses the longevity and aesthetics of tile appreciates the value of enjoying something that lasts and can take whatever you throw at it.

We hope our gallery inspires you.  Maybe you have a bathroom or kitchen, (or other areas) that could become a paradise of tile, instead of other, less durable, materials.  Remember that their are almost infinite combinations of colors and styles of tile, so don’t let our examples limit your imagination.  Every job we do is customized and made to order.


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